Factors that affect the longevity of a roof

Color of the roof- A dark roof absorbs more heat, which shortens the longevity of Roof. Color does have a role to play in your roof’s lifespan. Typically, a darker roof tends to attract more heat. It can shorten up your roof’s life expectancy by breaking down easier because of the tendency of asphalt shingles to absorb and retain thermal heat.

The angle of roof slope– Higher pitch roofs tend to last longer.

Quality of roof material- “Economy” roof materials have a shorter life.

Installation- Improper insulation, or lack of, shortens roof lifespan.

Multiple-layer roof – A roof installed over an existing roof will have a shorter life.

Attic ventilation – An unventilated or poorly ventilated attic reduces roof lifespan.

Trees near roof – Tree branches rubbing on a roof or the acidity from the accumulation of leaf debris on a roof shortens its life.

Harsh climate – Severe weather, both harsh winters, and hot summers, along with big temperature swings within a 24-hour period, also shorten lifespan because of the expansion and contraction of roof materials.

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