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How long will my roof replacement take?
The average single family home’s roof usually requires just a few days to replace, weather permitting. Some replacements require additional attention to ensure they function correctly and achieve their full lifespan. Regardless of what occurs, we complete each of our projects before moving on to our next jobsite
When is my payment due?
We require no money down from our customers until we have completed all agreed upon services and you’re completely satisfied. We believe that because you’re trusting us with your home, we’re obligated to trust you in return.
How will you protect my home and landscaping during the roof replacement process?

We treat your home as we would treat our own. All exterior surfaces and landscaping are protected with OSB sheeting and tarps during the removal of your roof. The entire ground is cleared of debris and magnetically nail raked at the end of every day. Our customers have joked many times that their landscaping looks better after we’ve completed their replacement, than it did prior to our arrival.

How will my old roof be removed from my property?
We utilize a local dumpster company to remove your old roof and all subsequent debris from your property. For your convenience, the dumpster is delivered to the jobsite as close to the projected start date as possible, and removed immediately after its completion. Though it’s not required, we insist that our dumpster provider place the dumpster on pre-placed OSB sheeting to ensure that no accidental damage occurs to your driveway. If you do not have a driveway, the necessary permits are pulled, and safety cones are utilized, so that the dumpster can be placed in the street to comply with local ordinance.

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